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Homepage of the website of Hotel Metropole Brussels

Hotel Metropole

Hotel Metropole is a 5-star 19-century hotel located in the center of Brussels. The goal here was to create engaging print and web contents about the hotel and its restaurant for their team to use with clients, the press and partners.

✓ Creation of visuals such as event flyers and sales catalogs.

✓ Design their press pack layout and write its content.

✓ Creation of advertizing contents for the press and partners.

✓ Conception of a newspaper for the HR team and employees.

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The Blue Camper

The Blue Camper is a Belgian industrial engineer and chef wandering with his 1969 Volkswagen Combi around Europe. The challenge was to improve its online presence and grow his niche community on social media.

✓ Design of the website layout.

✓ Write various blog articles for the launch of his website.

✓ Creation of a media kit for partnerships on social media.

✓ Grow their niche community through Instagram management.

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Homepage of the website of The Blue Camper

The Digital Ashes

During my Master's degree in Journalism at IHECS, I took part in various projects in graphic design such as my photojournalistic group thesis The Digital Ashes about the e-waste business between Belgium and Ghana. 

Co-writer / designer / photographer of Les cendres du Numérique.

✓ Investigation and interviews in Belgium and Ghana. 

✓ Crowdfunding - 5000 € raised for the project.  

✓ Discover the book here.

CIEP - L'Esperluette

L'Esperluette, the CIEP's quarterly magazine, brings together reflections, actions and continuing education. It offers, in 28 pages, a background file related to continuing education practices, presentations of activities carried out in the regions.

Layout of the issue N°107 (Jan-Feb-Mar 2021).

✓ Discover the magazine here.

  • Website CIEP

BBBOOK - Science

During my Master's degree in Journalism at IHECS, I took part in various projects in graphic design such as the photojournalistic group work BBBOOK - Science.

Co-writer / designer / photographer of the chapter Biomimetics.

✓ Discover the chapter here.

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Aline Tong

As you know by now, my name is Aline Tong and I designed this website to offer you my services in communication, photography and graphic design.

✓ Creation of the website layout.

✓ Design of the homepage illustration.

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Homepage of the website of Aline Tong

Quarterly magazine of La Ligue de francophone et wallonne de la région de Bruxelles.

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Layout of the issues year N°108 & N°109 (March - Present).



B&B Hotels is a growing chain of modern hotels located in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Liège) and other European countries. The goal here is to create engaging print and web visuals about their hotels in Belgium.

✓ Creation of visuals such as flyers, banners, rollups, stickers, ...

✓ Design their hotels' official umbrellas layout.

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