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Hotel Metropole

Hotel Metropole is a 5-star 19-century hotel located in the center of Brussels. The goal here was to fill a newly created position of Community Manager to improve their social media and harmonize their digital communication.

Social media management of the hotel and its restaurant. 

✓ Management of the review and reservation platforms.

✓ Management of various partnerships with influencers.

✓ Website update and management.

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Ganesh Indian Food

Ganesh Indian Food is a restaurant located in Rue du Bailli in Brussels. The aim was to help them temporarily to manage their online platforms while training them so that they could use their platforms properly on their own later on.

Social media management from October 2019 to March 2020.

Training in the use of social media and review platforms.

✓ Creation of professional visuals to promote their products.

Management of their review platforms (Tripadvisor, Google,...)

  • Website Ganesh Indian Food
  • TripAdvisor Ganesh Indian Food
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Mocktailz & Co

Mocktailz & Co is a professional beverage catering tailored to events: from homemade mocktails and cocktails, bubbles and wines to artisan coffee and tea. The goal here was to give them practical advices to improve their online presence.

Consultancy to improve their online presence.

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  • Facebook Mocktailz & Co

Rum Babs

Rum Babs is a Malagasy 'Punch au Rhum' brand located in Brussels. The aim was to help them set up their online presence  for their launch in 2021.

 Digital communication consultancy for their launch.

 Their Community Manager since end-January 2021.

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Bruxelles Bondy Blog

Le Bruxelles Bondy Blog (BBB) est le premier pure player belge francophone d’information générale produit par les étudiants en journalisme de l’IHECS. Il est à la fois un laboratoire médiatique et une plateforme pédagogique.

Réalisation d'interviews journalistiques.

Rédaction d'articles pour le site.

Création de contenus médiatiques (photos, videos, audios).

  • Website Bruxelles Bondy Blog