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  • I'm interested in your services, what should I do?"
    I'm happy to hear that you would like to work together! Here is the process : Contact me here and let me know what services interest you. I will get back to you to schedule a free appointment to talk about your project. After this session, I will send you a tailored quotation. If the quotation suits you, we sign a contrat and start to work together.
  • Is the first meeting with you free?
    Yes! You can contact me here to take an appointment to talk about your project or request for free. This session will help me understand your needs and see how I can assist you the best way possible in your project. After this first meeting, I will send you a tailored quotation.
  • What are your rates?
    I propose tailor-made services in Communication, Photography and Graphic design. Therefore the rates will vary depending on your project and the services you need. Please feel free to contact me here to talk about your project and receive a tailored quotation.
  • Do you make discounts on your rates?
    I don't offer discounts as such but I do offer sliding scale rates on some packages. The rates with commitment are also cheaper than the rates without commitment.
  • Do you also work with clients outside Brussels / Belgium?
    Since I'm based in Brussels, I mainly take clients coming from Brussels. However, for any project or request that can be carried out remotely, I take care of clients regardless of their geographical location inside or outside Belgium.
  • Where can I see some of your work?
    1. You can see some of my previous work on my portfolio pages: - My communication portfolio here. - My photography portfolio here. - My graphic design portfolio here. 2. You can follow my social media to see my work daily : instagram - facebook - linkedin. 3. You can find here previous clients I worked for.
  • Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?
    Yes with pleasure ! My name is Aline Tong and I'm a 27 years old Belgian from Brussels. I'm a native French-speaker but my soul is English-speaker. I'm a creative, sensitive, empathic and multi-skilled person. Sharing with others and make a difference in their life is what drives me. In 2020, I finally decided to start as freelance to combine my personal and professionnal skills. This approach allows me to accompany people in their projects, whether in communication, photography or graphic design. Want to learn more about my background? Find more information here!


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